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Actor/Model Comp Cards

Actor/Model Comp Cards

Nude Portraiture

Nude Portraiture

Fort Point, Boston photographer, Brian Bresnahan, provides studio and location photography services for a wide range of clientele throughout the commercial and fine art industries. His technical and aesthetic achievements have proliferated in commerce, galleries, publication, public art and civic spaces, including the Boston Children's Museum. Following is a list of services with information regarding the nature of each.

Fine Art Photography:

Bresnahan's fine art photography work unearths new and compelling mysteries of the natural world.  His unique and unexpected perspective mystifies viewers' sense of reality to the extent that it is often mistaken for being abstract painting.  In so doing, his work explores new realities while challenging viewers to reassess their understanding/appreciation for the purpose, potential and significance of subjects appearing within his work.  Fine art work is available by commission, or archival print in small to large format.

Portrait Photography:

Bresnahan provides portrait photography services that empower subjects to appear in any desired manner of light for any intended purpose.  Clientele experience professional, but playful portrait sessions that produce effective and flattering results.  Bresnahan will work to understand your goals for visual representation and provide a production package suitable to your tastes and budget.

Editorial Photography:

Editorial photography is typically used to "illustrate" stories in publication.  One example is Bresnahan photographing students and teachers in social settings and work environments for Northeastern University (NEU)'s admission catalogs and newsletters. Estimates and assistants are provided.

Engagement and Wedding Photography:

Bresnahan has extensive experience and derives genuine pride in the privilege of documenting what is perhaps the most treasured ceremony of a new family's relationship.  It is an invitation to experience a rich diversity of cultural backgrounds, to witness their most intimate rituals and to preserve for posterity the ensuing beauty of proceedings within a unique setting of time and place.

Headshot Photography:

Headshot photography is a sub-category of portrait photography often utilized in the acting and modeling industries for comp cards and casting call submissions. Photo sessions produce a series of looks for clientele to apply to a range of job opportunities.

Actor/Model Comp Cards:

"Comp" or "Composite" cards showcase a range of looks illustrating an actor/model's versatility and potential for landing desired jobs in the industry. Utilized as promotional "calling" cards, they provide information as required by casting agents while rousing professional interest.

Beauty and Glamour:

Appearing in advertising, editorial stories and portraiture, this genre explores the intimacy and allure of subjects through stylized lighting, wardrobe and pose.

Nude Portraiture:

Nude photography studies explore tasteful and artistic perspectives of subjects in theirnatural form.  Whether as expression of art, document for posterity, gift for significant other or professional endeavor, Bresnahan captures flattering depictions for which you will be confident and proud to share.

Photo-Projecting Sculpture:

Bresnahan transforms his fine art photography collection into large-format, light projecting sculptures that help to redefine the mood of surrounding environment.  Whether destined for residential, commercial or public space, each sculpture is custom designed and fabricated for a unique and enchanting experience. Bresnahan also shoots on commission to produce any image you so desire.

Product and Merchandise:

Bresnahan provides compelling imagery for enticing consumer interest and generating sales. Companies can expect photographs that stimulate curiosity, awe and desire.

Industrial Photography:

This genre sheds light upon details of industrial endeavor that might otherwise escape public awareness and interest.  It enhances understanding and respect for the specialties and habits of workforce as well as the proprietary nature of tools and technology - not to mention the process and products of manufacturing.  Specialized photography equipment (i.e. high-speed flash units and elaborate triggering sensors) may be utilized to capture details that even the eyes of industry expert are incapable of perceiving.

Pet Portraits:

Who doesn't want an endearing portrait, rich with personality, of humanity's most significant other? Bresnahan is a natural with animals (except, sorry, for snakes!) and has a gift for recognizing and documenting their personalities.  Immortalize your best friend with a large-format, fine art print today!